The perspective that he gained was that accounting professionals tend to focus solely on annual financial statement preparation and tax returns. Although entrepreneurs are normally experts in their field, they often have no formal business training and rarely have formal accounting training. Thus the business owner ends up making key business decisions, in between the year meetings with their accountant, without any professional assistance. As a result, poor decisions are often made and the failure rate for businesses is unnecessarily high.This firm is founded to provide not just the basic services, but the services necessary to assist business owners in making better decisions and increasing their chance of success. We strive to:

  • Focus not just on reporting what happened last year, but being able to tell the business owner what happened yesterday.
  • Ensure our clients have formal planning in place, to maximize their efforts
  • Understand our clients business and their objectives, to ensure we can be a valuable resource when they have questions
  • Provide professionally managed support services, so the business owner can focus their efforts on revenue generating activities.
  • Leverage technology, to provide these services in an efficient and cost effective manner

Josh Spurrell founded Spurrell & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants in August 2011. Most accountants only experience running their own business after they complete a business degree and a professional accounting designation. Josh Spurrell ran a contracting business prior to completing his professional training. This allowed him to have the unique experience of being on “the other side of the accountant’s desk”.

"The complete accounting department for your business."