Based on your individual needs we tailor a service plan that will involve some of the following components:

​​​Business Plans

Running a business can be hectic. It's easy to get bogged down in low priority activities. Business plans help keep the entrepreneur focussed on the goals that drive profits and act as a baseline to evaluate your progress. They are also a vital component of obtaining financing.

Financial Plans

Planning your personal finances becomes more complex when you own a business. A solid financial plan will give you certainty on what amounts of money should be withdrawn from your business and what taxes should be paid. It determines the tax efficient mixture of salary and dividends to cover those withdrawals. It allows allows you to choose the right mixture of RRSP, TFSA, and corporate investments. By planning in advance you are able to capitalize on the full array of strategies that are available to you.

Incorporation & Corporate Minute Book Maintenance

Your incorporation documents and the corporate minute book dictate what tax strategies are available to you. Not having a tax professional involved in the process, can mean more taxes later on. We can also assist you with reorganizing your corporate structure to achieve additional tax savings, protect your assets from legal claims, and facilitate succession planning or a business sale in a tax efficient manner.


Obtaining financing is difficult for private businesses. Our involvement can increase your chance of success in obtaining conventional loans or Canada Small Business Financing loans. Our network allows us to evaluate if the lending terms are competitive and can even help you access private financing arrangements. 

Digital Records Maintenance

Being able to efficiently access records allows the business owner to make better decisions and ensures the accountant can provide the most relevant advices. We help you manage your records digitally so you access them at any time. This level of organization helps you be prepared for audits and makes your business more attractive to potential purchasers.


Nothing else matters if you don't get paid. We can help you bill in a timely manner, assist with following up on receivables, and even receive payments for you. 

Payroll & Payables

​The only thing worse than having the the most valuable personal in the business spending their time writing cheques, is when the business owner starts giving employees access to cheques and accounts without sufficient controls in place. This is why entrepreneurs are often the victims of fraud. Our team and strict protocols give the average business owner access to the type of systems that are normally only available to larger entities. Ultimately our systems allow the business owner to quickly and securely approve cash disbursements electronically. Even manual cheques can be approved electronically from anywhere.

Bookkeeping and Monthly Reports

​Business decisions are often made on the basis of interim reports prepared without oversight from a designated accountant. As a result decisions are made from unreliable information. Also having the interim reports compiled by individuals not trained by your accountant, results in time waisted at year end by having your accountant prepare adjustments that relate to mistakes made because of insufficient training. Our staff functions as your outsourced accounting department and you benefit from the efficiencies of having these individuals trained directly by your accountant.

Monthly Analysis & Queries​

Once you have a monthly report in front of you, a Chartered Professional Accountant will spend one on one time with you to evaluate the performance and look for potential opportunities. As business owners have busy schedules, we can provide this service in person or through our online meeting software. Also by having an accountant who is familiar with your operations, we are prepared to respond to your queries as they arise throughout the year.

Coordination With Your Internal Accounting Staff Via The Cloud

Whenever possible we make use of your internal accounting staff. We utilize cloud based accounting systems and record keeping systems to ensure this coordination is smooth. We can even help you recruit and select key administrative roles to assist you at your location, by putting the candidates through our formal skills evaluation.

Year End Financial Statements

We provide you with year end "Notice To Reader" financial statements signed by a Chartered Professional Accountant. These statements are a valuable tool in completing tax filings, evaluating your business, and obtaining financing.

Tax Filings & Correspondence With Taxation Authorities

​Having your tax filings completed by a designated professional can reduce your tax liability and the likelihood of an adverse outcome in the event of an audit. However, what is often missed is the importance of the coordination with the taxation authorities in responding to queries, audits, and making payments between annual filings. We can simplify this process by handling all of the correspondence with the taxation authorities on behalf of your business and your personal tax accounts throughout the year.

"The complete accounting department for your business."